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aoa体育平台:Introduction to the school of history and society

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The College of History and Society adheres tothe development concept of "establishing the school by teaching,strengthening the school by academics, managing the school through the system,and rejuvenating the school harmoniously". The college insists on thedevelopment idea of "based on Chongqing, facing the west of China andradiating the whole country" and focuses on the development goal ofbuilding a "high-level comprehensive teacher training university withdistinctive characteristics of teacher education". Aiming at the socialand economic development needs of the country and Chongqing, advancing with thetimes, pioneering and innovating, educating people for the party andcultivating talents for the country.

The college was founded in 1954, initially as theHistory Department, and then gradually developed and expanded. In 2009, it wasrenamed the College of History and Society. There are 68 faculty members, 56full-time teachers, 35 teachers with doctoral degrees, 2 doctoral students15 with senior titlesand 24 with associate titles, 6 doctoral supervisors and 36 master supervisors.There are two special allowance recipients from the State Council, one "FourBatches" of talents from the Ministry of Propaganda, one chief expert fromChongqing Chief Expert Studio, three candidates from Chongqing Talent Program, fiveacademic and technical leaders and four reserve candidates from ChongqingMunicipality, one young top talent from Chongqing Municipality, two"Bowang” professors from the universitylevel. Two special professors and two leading talents, three university-levelyoung top talents, one university-level teaching master, and fifteen part-timeteachers both inside and outside the university, including two specialprofessors.

The College consists of the Department ofHistory, the Department of Archaeology, Culture and Museums, and the Departmentof Social Work. There are three undergraduate majors in History (teachertraining), Cultural Relics and Museums, and Social Work, of which History(teacher training) and Cultural Relics and Museums are first-class majors atthe municipal level, and Social Work is a municipal-level applicationtransformation development major; it has a first-level doctoral degree programin Archaeology, and two first-level master's degree programs in Archaeology andChinese History. Has a master's degree in cultural relics and museums, master'sdegree in education (subject teaching - history), master's degree in socialwork 3 professional degree authorization points. At present, there are 26doctoral students, more than 300 master's students and more than 1,000undergraduates.

The School has a post-doctoral research stationin archaeology approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security,the "Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Archaeology and MuseumStudies" (a municipal experimental teaching demonstration center) jointlyestablished with the Ministry of Finance, and the first batch of key humanitiesand social science research bases in Chongqing. "Research Institute ofThree Gorges Culture and Social Development", Chongqing Key Laboratory ofScientific and Technological Archaeology and Cultural Relics ProtectionTechnology; "Research Center of Ancient Chinese Civilizations and StateOrigins" jointly established with the Institute of History of the ChineseAcademy of Social Sciences ", the first Sino-Russian Institute of Scienceand Technology Archaeology, "Science and Technology Archaeology"school-level innovation team, Chongqing Normal University Museum, theuniversity-level key laboratory "heritage conservation technology andscience and technology archaeology laboratory", social work Laboratory,Southwest Archaeology and Cultural Relics Research Center, Chongqing Normal UniversityNGO Research Center, Chongqing Normal University Cultural and CreativeIndustries Research Center and other 13 research platforms; ChongqingHumanities and Social Sciences Popularization Base, Chongqing Key Discipline"Archaeology" and University-level Key Discipline "ChineseHistory".

The college has six first-class courses such as"Archaeology", "Chinese Archaeology", "Modern ChineseHistory", "Theory and Practice of Cultural and CreativeIndustries", etc. It has established practice bases with more than 50 unitsinside and outside the city, such as Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum,Chongqing Cultural Heritage Research Institute, Chongqing No.1 Middle School,Chongqing No.8 Middle School, Chongqing Yuzhong District Civil Affairs Bureau,Chongqing Dongqing Social Work Service Center, etc.

The College has strong teaching and researchstrengths, and has formed key research directions such as ancient Chinesecivilization and state origins, Chinese intellectual and cultural history,science and technology archaeology, Three Gorges regional history and cultureand the history of the Great Rear of the War of Resistance, and community work.In the past five years, the university has been awarded major bidding projectsand key projects of the National Social Science Foundation of China, and hasundertaken more than 240 projects of the National Social Science Foundation ofChina, the Humanities and Social Sciences Project of the Ministry of Education,the Philosophy and Social Sciences Research Project of Chongqing Municipality,and more than 240 horizontal research and application projects, publishednearly 100 books, published more than 500 academic papers (including nearly 200papers of category B or above), won the Social Science Achievement Award of theMinistry of Education, provincial and ministerial research achievements andteaching More than 20 prizes of social science achievements of the Ministry ofEducation, provincial and ministerial level scientific research achievementsand teaching achievements have been awarded, and the contractual funding ofscientific research projects exceeds 30 million RMB.

The institute has established cooperation withmore than 20 units and enterprises, including the University of SiberianAcademy of Education in Russia, Tohoku Gakuin University in Japan, TroyUniversity in the United States, the Institute of Ancient History of theChinese Academy of Social Sciences, the Institute of Paleoanthropology andVertebrate Zoology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University, ChongqingCultural Heritage Research Institute, Chongqing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau,and the China Three Gorges Museum in Chongqing, to carry out archaeologicalmapping, excavation and other subject research and scientific and technologicalservices. The university museum has long been open to the public for free toserve the community.

In recent years, the College has welcomed theState Administration of Cultural Heritage, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, theMinistry of Education, the Department of Higher Education, the Department ofInternational Exchange and Cooperation and other relevant leaders and expertsto visit; invited the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the Chinese Academyof Sciences, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University ofChina, Sichuan University, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage,Heritage Press, Oxford University, Siberian University of Education in Russia,Tohoku Gakuin University in Japan, Macau University of Science and Technology,etc. Unit experts to the college to give academic reports more than 200 times.Faculty and students actively carry out domestic and international academiccooperation and exchange, more than 30 people to Russia, the United States, theUnited Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam,Cambodia, Belgium, Rwanda and other countries to carry out academic exchangesor visits, more than 200 people to participate in different types of academicconferences across the country.

Under the strong leadership of the PartyCommittee of the university, the Party Committee of the college insists ontaking Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in thenew era as its guidance, always adheres to the direction of socialism,conscientiously implements the fundamental task of establishing moraleducation, fulfills the main responsibility of strict governance of the party,grasps party building around the center, grasps party building and promotesdevelopment. The Party Committee of the College has three branches of theteaching staff and five branches of the student party. In the past three years,the College has been awarded the "Party Building BenchmarkDepartment", and the History Department Staff Party Branch andUndergraduate Student Branch 1 have been awarded the "Party Building ModelBranch", and there are outstanding Communist Party members in Chongqing,advanced grass-roots party organizations in Chongqing education system, andschool-level "All members of the Party give full play to their pioneeringrole, unite and work hard to promote the continuous development of the College.

(Data statistic update to November 30, 2021)


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